i’ve created this blog to share some of my experiences from the present and past, that have led and continues to lead me to unquestionable happiness.

for a period of 10 months, i questioned my right to happiness and suffered from moderate depression.

questioning is good. being critical is good.
being too hard on yourself, perfectionism, having your self-esteem sink – not so good.

i created imherenow with the hope of emphasizing the beauty of living and appreciating each moment from your past and present, literally & figuratively

-every sound, touch, smell, sight, taste-

since those 10 months, i’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and appreciating the experiences i’ve built and continue to build, alone and with my loved ones, which is what i hope this blog will reflect.

seeing this blog during that time might’ve made it easier. but i’m happy i didn’t.

because today, let me tell you, i’m happier than i’ve ever been.

i’m here now.


the theme of my blog is based on the ocean: its beauty & immensity
i am built by my floats, my stones, & my current

my floats includes those that carry me up, when i feel like i’m drowning
my stones includes those that act as obstacles and come in my way
my current includes those that push me forward, having me come out stronger than ever